Free Palestine

Amidst the current circumstances, my empathy is profoundly stirred for those individuals facing adversity. In a dedicated endeavor to provide assistance to my Palestinian friends and their families, I have initiated contact with Pious Projects. This reputable organization is actively engaged in the Gaza region, facilitating the provision of essential medical supplies, sustenance, potable water, and more. It is my privilege to introduce a collaborative initiative, a specially designed shirt, the entire proceeds from which will be directed towards supporting Pious Projects, thereby fortifying their ongoing mission.

Pious Projects

Pious Projects of America is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was founded in Palos Hills, IL in 2014. With humble beginnings working out of a shared office space, the founder sold his two cars to kick start the organization. Originally, the plan was for Pious Projects to solely be a crowdfunding platform for charities to launch fundraising campaigns. However, after seeing much success with launching our own campaigns, we decided to become a hybrid and focus on both: hosting other charities’ campaigns, as well as our own.

How is Pious Projects helping in Gaza?

1. Our team is from Gaza. We have an incredible on-ground team committed to serving its community, even in a crisis. Born and raised in Gaza, there's no one better for the job. Please keep them in your duas (prayers).

2. We buy supplies from within Gaza. Our team works with trusted local suppliers to get large quantities for the best price. Shipping containers are expensive and less effective. Plus we support the local economy this way.

3. We've been working in Gaza for many years. We've raised over 4.5 million dollars for medical camps, medical supplies, food basketbs, hot meals, water desalination plants, water tank refills, orphans, and many more programs.

4. Our programs are always 100% admin free! Every penny you donate goes towards the program. Our organization is committed to never charging an admin fee. Donations to our admin fund are always optional, never required.